Africa: Homecoming

I wanted to make my last night in Africa memorable so I decided I wanted to sleep on the street in Gaberone, the capital city of Botswana. I went out looking for a good place to urban camp under the stars (no tent, no sleeping bag) and while I was walking with my duffle a white van full of men started to follow me so I took a quick left down an alley to lose them (I was warned about thieves at night).

I saw a concrete drainage ditch on the side of the road so I went to climb in it and slipped on the sand and slide down the concrete bank, busting my tail and making a whole lot of noise. All the sudden this African man’s face pops up over his fence and he sees me chilling in his bushes.

I was trying to not laugh, as this man looked so baffled to see this tattooed white boy hiding in his bushes late at night. So I tried to explain to him some thieves were following me. I left the bushes and quickly made it to a pile of old tires on the side of the road. I laid out on my back behind the rubber barrier and used my duffle as a pillow and slept right on the dusty gravel road in the city. I woke up a couple hours later to a stray dog trying to punk me out of my spot. Unintimidated by his bark, I threw some rocks, he let out a howl and moved on.

I am now back in the cold, planning my next adventure.


@coldsworld | | Corban Lundborg 

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