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While living in Cape Town, South Africa, artist Corban Lundborg noticed an overwhelming amount of plastic bag litter around the country, especially stuck in the barbed wire around the homes.

Corban was inspired to create a series to bring awareness to plastic litter. Soon there after, he learned about the many plastic bag bans going into effect all around the globe.

The artist moved to Los Angeles, California shortly after and put the idea into action. He created a series of five surreal paintings that were both dramatic yet light hearted.

Corban used oil paint on wood panels to create this series.

The first painting was a lion choking on a Subway “eat fresh” bag. The irony.

Corban’s second painting was a parrot trapped in a commonly seen plastic bag repeating the term “Thank You”. The artists aim here was the play on repetition, as parrots are famous for repeating words.

Although Ziploc makes small bags, if not recycled, small trash can easily make its way into drainage systems and end up in the water.

Corban played artistically with the color black in this Glad plastic bag piece. He painted a black panther, not so Glad.

Corban’s final painting, he said was last but not least. This painting of a giraffe breathing in a plastic bag was actually his favorite. This painting was an obvious play with the color yellow and emotion. This is another commonly seen plastic bag. The smily face on the plastic bag represents plastic convenience for human use, but engages with the idea that wildlife has no say in the matter.

To view an interview Corban did with Upworthy News, check out the link below.

Enjoyed the paintings? View Corban’s painting and thought process here in a short video documenting this series.

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