COLD: Bear Grylls Survival Challenge


Corban Lundborg set out to complete the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge in Santa Clarita, California with Merging Veterans & Players (MVP), a community of athletes and veterans. The group was invited to test the survival course before it opened to public to give feedback from a military perspective.

Corban met up with his friends at MVP to both run the course and document the challenges.

The course included many obstacles similar to what veterans endured during their military training.

The survival challenge is not the place to showoff flashy fitness attire. Many challenges had you literally rolling in the mud. The mud works to cover your scent during survival, helps prevent bug bites and sun burn, as well as many other benefits to the military and survival.

The course tested both your physical and mental stamina. A lot of the challenges had similarities to combat scenarios that the MVP veterans encountered during deployments.

One challenge that many participants embraced was the dried cricket meal. Some veterans in the group had completed military Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) School and remember eating insects.

Above a veteran washes back a handful of dried crickets with his boxed water.

The four-mile Bear Grylls mountainous course also included water survival challenges.

The MVP veterans gather at the end of the challenge for a group picture. MVP works as a community to provide camaraderie to veterans and athletes after leaving the service or league.

Corban Lundborg set his camera aside at the end of the course to slide into the muddy-water of a finish line.

Corban Lundborg works as an Air Force Reserve Combat Photographer and enjoys any chance provided to test both his physical and camera skills.

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