Air Force: Best Combat Camera

Artist and Air Force Reserve Photojournalist, Corban Lundborg participated in the 2018 Best Combat Camera Competition hosted by the U.S. Army’s 55th Signal Company (Com Cam).

The Competition is established in honor of fallen combat camera Soldier SPC Hilda I. Clayton, who gave her life July 02, 2013 in Afghanistan as a part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

SPC Hilda I. Clayton was killed in a accidental mortar blast during a training exercise, above is the last image the combat cameraman captured before her death.

Airmen from the the 1st and 4th Combat Camera Squadron, Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, traveled to Maryland for the 2018 SPC Hilda I. Clayton Best Combat Camera (COMCAM) Competition at Fort George G. Meade and Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.

Combat Camera teams competed for the best score at a CrossFit gym during The Hilda Challenge, the first event during a weeklong competition that tests physical, mental and technical capabilities.

The second challenge took place at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, where the teams completed a physically demanding obstacle course.

The stress shoot was the third challenge in the competition. Army and Air Force teams completed exhausting jug carries and pushups before running up to the range to test marksmanship under stress and fatigue.

Although a competition, the 2018 SPC Hilda I. Clayton Best Combat Camera event brings branches and teams together for camaraderie and training. The teams both compete against and motivate each other out of respect.

The fourth challenge was the tactical lane. This challenge was simulated field exercises where the combat cameramen were tested on site sensitive exploitation (SSE), close quarters combat (CQB), medical knowledge and radio operations.

After stressful days of physical and mentally draining challenges the combat cameramen returned to the barracks for rest and preparation for the next day.

Army support elements completed all of the preparation needed to execute a successful competition.

The final challenge was a 10-mile 35-pound ruck march through MCBQ. After the ruck challenge the teams returned to Fort Meade, Maryland to complete their final video product and determine the BCC team winner.

SSgt. Corban Lundborg and TSgt. Tommy Grimes took 3rd place as a team in the competition.

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