Category: COLD Studio


Art: Bagged

Bagged. While living in Cape Town, South Africa, artist Corban Lundborg noticed an overwhelming amount of plastic bag litter around the country, especially stuck in the barbed wire around the homes. Corban was inspired to create a series to bring awareness to plastic litter. Soon there after, he learned about the many plastic bag bans […]

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Studio: South Central

Corban Lundborg moved to Los Angeles alone in 2017 with nothing but his mobile art studio packed into a Ford Utility van. Upon arrival to the City Of Angles, Corban found a studio space to work and live out of in the infamous neighborhood of South Central. The building that now housed his studio was […]

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Studio: North Hollywood

Corban Lundborg’s creative journey started in Seoul, South Korea while serving in the U.S. Air Force. The artist started a fine arts business by the name of COLD Studio. The first location was created and set up in Aviano, Italy and later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota before going completely mobile for a year in a […]

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