COLD: 17 for 17

2017 was an unpredictable year for our nation politically, environmentally and socially. COLD Studio felt the impact of our ever changing climate and worked to adapt and accept the ups and downs 2017 brought.

In a climate full of negativity, this post is a collection of 17 positive events that happened in 2017 for artist Corban Lundborg. These are the years 17 top highlights in the order they happened.

COLD Studio started 2017 living and working out of a temporary location in the neighborhood of Woodstock in Cape Town, South Africa.

Corban returned from South Africa and moved to Los Angeles to start a new life.

After two years of deactivation, Corban (Staff Sgt. Lundborg) transferred to the 4th Combat Camera Squadron, based out of Charleston, South Carolina when the unit stood back up.

COLD released a new painting series titled “Bagged” to raise environmental and political awareness about plastic bag bans happening around the world.

Corban is commissioned to paint Giphy Studio’s new headquarters in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Corban’s South African girlfriend gets her 01 visa approved and moves back to Los Angeles.

Corban joins the American Legion at the historic Post 43 in Hollywood.

Corban joins a small Air Force Reserve production team to create the Air Force Reserve mission video for General Miller.

Corban takes the lead on the 2017 Air Force Reserve Patriot Warrior mission video in Sparta, Wisconsin.

Corban flew with a small Hollywood Air Force liaison team leading a tour of Hollywood industry leaders around Colorado Springs to share the Air Force Space Command mission.

Corban releases a series titled “Vinyl” through Gabba Gallery for their Create Digger Vol. 2 group show in Los Angeles.

COLD takes his girlfriend Anele back to his Minnesota roots to meet his family for the first time.

After nearly 2 years of living in a van on the road, Corban finally signs a lease and settles down in North Hollywood.

The Air Force tasks Corban to fly into Hurricane Irma with Air Force Hurricane Hunters to document the largest recorded hurricane in Atlantic history.

Corban is tasked with an Army Green Beret unit, Special Forces Operation Detachment Alpha, for training exercises.

During Trident 18-1, Corban is tasked with a Navy Seal team to document training.

Corban proposes to Anele at the Grand Canyon.

COLD Studio produces a year end highlight reel.

United In The War Against Veteran Suicide


2017. Highlights. COLD Studio.



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