COLD: Newlywed

Corban Lundborg married South African actress, Anele Ngcizela on March 26, 2018 in a small chapel in Hollywood, California.

The newlywed couple booked a trip back to Minneapolis, Minnesota to celebrate their new marriage with Corban’s family.

Corban and Anele’s friend from Los Angeles, Gioya Tuma-Waku, also a South African actress made the trip to Minnesota to celebrate with the family.

Newlywed Anele and Gioya explore downtown Minneapolis before the marriage celebration begins.

Anele and her new mother-in-law take Gioya to Mall Of America for the first time.

Anele’s mother in South Africa hand designed and sewed traditional South African attire for Corban, Anele and Stephanie Lundborg.

Corban, Anele and Gioya returned to Hollywood, California with Corban’s younger brother and his girlfriend, Ian and Emily who plan to visit LA for the first time.

The next day a film crew also flew to Los Angeles to feature Corban Lundborg on USAA’s Service & Ink video series.

After being on set with Service& Ink, Corban donated his art van to Ian and Emily who plan to drive it back to Minnesota and start their own creative adventures with it.

In 2016, artist Corban Lundborg set off on a art tour in a van he turned into a mobile studio. He took the van to 48 states while painting murals and selling art. View the highlights here:

Cross Country COLD- 2016 Nomad Tour

After donating the van, Corban and Anele went to a used car lot to purchase a new production vehicle for their soon-to-launch production company.

To further follow Corban’s adventures through COLD Studio follow him on Instagram at:


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