Cross Country COLD: Complete

My travel map shows that my route was not the easiest route around the country, but then again, I have never been a fan of easy.

After roughly 8 months of driving, painting and exploring the beautiful American landscapes I returned to the snowy cold of Minneapolis, Minnesota in my van. I have reached my goal, and successfully drove through all 48 continental states, clocking over 20,000 miles on my van.

Cross-country stats:

States- 48

Months- 8

Miles- Roughly 20K

Roadkill- 1 deer, 1 opossum

Breakdowns- 5

National Parks- 7

Tickets- 2 parking, 1 speeding

Gas- Don't ask..


For more pictures and short documentary about the cross-country art tour visit my feature page at:

Now time to pack for Africa.

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