Cross-Country COLD: Lite Travelers

In 2015 Corban Lundborg retrained into public affairs through the Air Force Reserve. He spent six months in photojournalism school at Fort Meade, Maryland. Upon completion Corban was inspired to travel, paint and photograph the United States. In 2016 he spent a year living in a van while touring the country (Cross-Country COLD Tour), then roughly another year living in the van on the streets of LA.

(Above is a short video created by CALM Collective capturing Lite Travelers van adventures.)

Today, Corban no longer lives in the van and is settled into a home in North Hollywood, California. The van was retired and collecting dust in LA. Ian Lundborg, Corban’s younger brother and also a photographer flew out to Cali and took the van to Minnesota to give it new life.

Ian rebuilt the van to fit his needs as a photographer. Above he rests in his comfy new van-home while camping in Mammoth Lakes, California after giving the vehicle new life.

Ian and his girlfriend Emily are touring together around the country with their pet cat. Their home on wheels even has a built in litter box.

The couple was quick to hit the road. They have plans to drive west with no structured agenda. They have named their van tour “Lite Travelers” and share their content to @litetravelers on Instagram.

Although the interior was redone, Corban’s paint work can still be found covering the van.

Ian and Emily took no time to find other van-lifers and explorers to adventure with in California. Pictured above a hot-spring full of nomads enjoy the sunset in the Californian mountains.

At night, the couple cooks over a built in gas stove as the new COLD Studio tent rests nearby. Although “Cross-Country COLD” ended, the van has been given new life and drives to see another day.

Above is a map of Corban’s van travels during Cross Country COLD.

View more about Corban’s van adventures here at:

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