Cross Country COLD: Purchased


The last couple drops of lukewarm hotel coffee hit my mouth as my eyelids hung heavy. I was seated behind a government computer in a classroom full of sage tiger-striped Air Force uniforms. I was attending military photojournalism classes at the Defense Information School at Ford Meade, Maryland when a cross country photography trip came to mind as instructors showed different photojournalism projects. I fell into a deep daydream. Dreaming of the open road, with no obligations, no responsibility. I was brought back to reality when I was handed a copy-editing quiz.

Upon completion of school, I traveled to Africa for a personal photojournalism trip. There I picked up an assignment with Food For The Hungry in Rwanda. I realized this something I could see myself doing long-term.

A cross country road trip sounded like a good next project. I started looking into old buses, ambulances, bread trucks and utility vans. My goal was to create a mobile studio where I could paint, edit photos, and wander across the nation as affordably as possible. I returned to Minneapolis, and started looking for vehicles.

I found an ad on the internet for a used 2002 Ford utility van within my price range and met all the travel requirements. I just recently purchased the van, and plan to have it road ready by early April.

Let the art tour begin. Cross Country COLD.


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