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Corban Lundborg’s creative journey started in Seoul, South Korea while serving in the U.S. Air Force. The artist started a fine arts business by the name of COLD Studio. The first location was created and set up in Aviano, Italy and later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota before going completely mobile for a year in a utility van as a touring artist.

He has recently moved COLD Studio from a space in South Central, Los Angeles to a new home in North Hollywood, to give him better access to film industry work and new opportunities.

The move to North Hollywood also saves him commuting time, space and money. The new workspace is set up in a one-bedroom apartment. Corban self documented his new home studio transformation in a series of photographs and a short video.

Corban used raw wood from Home Depot purchased at $4 a plank to make his tables.

Here he used $1 cinder blocks as legs and shelving for his tables.

The murals and wall art were painted with left over paint he had from a previous commission, costing $0.

Corban used an old painting left over from his gallery show to hang on the walls.

The red couch was a Craigslist find, costing $60.

The apartment did not come equipped with a refrigerator, so Corban found two mini fridges at a church garage sale for $45 each and they are also used as legs to his kitchen table.

In the bedroom Corban used found shipping pallets to support his mattress, costing $0.

The artist hung a rod in the workspace so he could hang different backdrops for a variety of projects. The rod and the white backdrop cost $20.

Thanks for following the home studio renovations. Corban Lundborg can be reached through his website or followed online @coldsworld.


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