Studio: South Central

Corban Lundborg moved to Los Angeles alone in 2017 with nothing but his mobile art studio packed into a Ford Utility van. Upon arrival to the City Of Angles, Corban found a studio space to work and live out of in the infamous neighborhood of South Central.

The building that now housed his studio was a large warehouse in a less-than-desirable part of the city. This warehouse was home to dozens of artists living and working under the radar of trendy and mainstream art districts. On the outside this studio looked like an abandoned building but inside was a creative paradise.

This shared artist warehouse was home to rappers, tattooers, motorcycle builders, painters, wood workers and more.

On the roof of the warehouse sat a skatepark installed by Arthur King and was often the hang out spot for many top skateboarders in the city.

Here is a collection of favorite black and white photos and a video shot by the artist Corban Lundborg while living and working in South Central, Los Angeles.

Corban poses with a silicon cow head mask created by Hollywood special effects artist, Bob.

After painting all night Corban catches a sunrise skate session on the rooftop.

Swinging for inspiration.

Corban and former professional skateboarder Knox Godoy cook up a late night snack in a warehouse kitchen designed by Arthur King.

Knox catches a midnight tattoo by professional artist Grant Cobb.

Snakes are tough.

Producer Jon ‘Mainframe” at an art opening.

Corban cooks up a penut butter and jelly in a warehouse kitchen designed by Arthur King.

Jon Mainframe’s set up during a Japanese radio live stream event.

We still swanging.

Corban’s lady Anele Morris puts on makeup before a photoshoot in the studio.

Corban Lundborg painting the final piece for his “bagged” series.

Check the video.

(All photos and video shot and edited by Corban Lundborg)

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